Beautiful small business accounting

Xero is a cloud based small business accounting platform that enables you to run your business from anywhere in the world. For us, it’s one of two systems every business needs (the other being a CRM). Xero has a strong marketplace of addons, driven by it’s excellent API. It’s simply great to integrate with. With so many cloud based solutions to choose from – you can build your own business system by connecting addons that perform particular functions that you need. Whether it’s a CRM, inventory, point of sales, ecommerce, or industry-specific.

How we can help

  • Set up Xero for you
  • Provide you with training to use it effectively in your business
  • Map out the functions in your business that can be supported by cloud based software
  • Implement and connect the addons
  • Develop solutions to connect Xero to your in-house software
  • Build addons

Key Features –

  • Create recurring invoices
  • Receive updates when invoices are opened
  • Your latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions are imported and categorised.
  • Group income and expenses for reporting on profitability
  • app for iPhone and iPad & Android phones and tablets.
  • Calculate the payroll, pay employees and manage payroll taxes
  • Automatically pay Super
  • Manage inventory, invoicing, time tracking & expenses
  • Create and email custom purchase orders
  • Easily handle personal expenses
  • Schedule payments and batch paying suppliers